Where to Eat In Reno

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Where to eat in Reno
If you are looking for great places to eat  while you are in Reno

The National Bowling Stadium features a fine line of hot dogs, nachos, pizza and other fine foods responsible for the  beautiful physique that many of our nations top bowlers proudly display.

Best Greek Food: About a 5 minute walk from the national Bowling Stadium in the 2nd street market is Nikos Greek Food
its a casual place where the family will serve you some of the best Greek food ever served in this city.

Aroma Club: A five minute walk from the Atlantis Hotel Casino and a 15 minute drive from the National Bowling Stadium on Virginia Street across from the Atlantis Casino. This is a quaint casual  restaurant and tea / coffee bar which features fresh  fine food  served by lovely Eastern European women.

Chris Cady's Get Hypnotized Comedy Hypnosis Show:
If you are on a special low cal low carb diet,  well...
Atkins Schmatkins... this show features a delightful assortment of healthy food that bowlers and their families  love including   Skittles, M&Ms, 3 Muskeeters, Twix and more.   see www.renohypnotist.com    for more information