What bowlers must do before you die.

What bowlers must do before you die.

USBC Tournament Bowlers

Here is something every bowler must do before  you die:

Bowl at the National Bowling Stadium

Find out what local Reno casino that  local musician "Chris Costa" is playing at  and let him serenade you with beautiful music.

Ride a raft down the Truckee River

Go to the Sparks Marina

Run nekkid down S Virginia St

Watch the free dog show at Circus Circus

Watch the free people show in the casinos
Experience Lake Tahoe

Go to the Reno PD and tell them they are your favorite TV Show and ask for an autograph. (Note be sure to video tape so you can sell copy to Americas funniest videos of you getting beaten like a pinyata for being such a wise guy)

Get a massage.

Eat at  Nikkos 

Ride a waterslide at Wild island

Go to a downtown  Reno Wedding Chapel  and get married.

Smell the roses at Idlewild park.

See the geese and the flowers at Rancho San Rafael Park

Go to Lake Tahoe drop your bowling ball in and see if you can swim fast enough to catch it before it hits bottom...

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