Shopping For Bowlers In Reno

USBC Tournament Bowlers
Shopping For Bowlers In Reno

The National Bowling Stadium has a proshop that also sells clothing
and there are booths inside the stadium that sell general souvenir merchandise

Downtown Reno also has an abundance of gift shops, antique, gold, jewelry and of course souvenir and  Pawn shops

If you need a pharmacy  Walgreens is located 5 minutes from the National Bowling Stadium on the corner of Virginia and  hwy 80.  We also have several Wal-Marts here and numerous other stores small and large.

Reno also has several sporting goods stores all of which are a 10-20 minute drive from the Bowling Stadium.

We have 3 malls. Legends in Sparks which is new and is a 15 minute drive and The Meadow Wood Mall and Summit Mall are  a 15-20 minute drive from The Bowling Stadium