How To Win At The National Bowling Stadium
Reno Bowling Tournaments 2021

If you are coming to Reno to bowl in any of the tournaments at the National Bowling Stadium
Including The USBC Womens Bowling Championships and you actually want to WIN!
This is the  resource page that you need!

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How To Win At The National Bowling Stadium

USBC Tournament Bowlers


The best  practical advice any bowler can use immediately is that you work on your MENTAL GAME as well as your physical game (scroll down to see the video on tournament bowling tips)

Forget about how big Reno's national bowling stadium is...

Forget about the cameras, the money, the fans, the other guys around you...

Stay focused.

Drink lots of water. I know that this sounds  lame because drinking water isn't nearly as much fun as drinking  beer, whisky and shots of tequila. But Reno Nevada is a very dry climate and between our dry air, the elevation, the hotel air quality, cigarette smoke, and everything else. It is very easy to get dehydrated.  Many bowlers come here and wonder why they are having poor control and frequently forget that dehydration can be an issue.


Stretch, Stay positive, think positive thoughts about your past bowling successes,

Stop into a downtown Reno church and say a prayer, and make a donation it will bring you good luck. How can you  honestly expect to win money if you don't give away some first?

Get Hypnotized By An Amazing Mental Game Bowling Coach

Go see Bowling Hypnotist Chris Cady. He will get your mind conditioned, primed and focused so you will be in the ZONE his office is 5 minute walk from the National Bowling Stadium and his number is 775-425-5847  go there and you just might see a few PBA Pros sneaking out the back door.

Go for a walk along the Truckee river, that winds through downtown Reno. Sit near the water and just breathe some fresh air. It will clear your mind.

Bowl every frame physically and mentally with total focus and positive expectation

Believe in yourself.

Bowling is a wonderful sport. There is no defense. The only time you need to "defend" yourself in bowling is when you have to  explain to your wife that you spent the rent money on a new bowling ball.  Bowling is all about your ability to do what you know you are capable of as a bowler.

There is also a really great mental game training program that is  designed specifically to help bowlers with the mental game in TOURNAMENT SITUATIONS   to read more about it  click on


I am confident that this will help you with your focus, relaxation, concentration, positive self talk and in blocking out all of the noise and distractions that take place at a bowling tournament. Especially in a tournament held at a great bowling center such as The National Bowling Stadium.

Bowlers here is a letter from a tournament bowler that was sent to me from one of  our tournament bowlers

In September I purchased your More Strikes and Spares Mental Toughness for Bowling CD; after a week of listening to it I noticed that I was more focused while bowling.  That same month I bowled in a 50+ senior tour tournament and qualified 1st averaging 237 a game and finished 11th.  In October I bowled in the same tournament , I won this tournament averaging about 230 a game.  In the November tournament, I averaged 235 a game and finished 8th.  Before these CD's I had bowled in several tournaments but had never placed. I also purchased the Subliminal Advantage CD and listen to both the CD's daily; they have helped me in tournaments and league.
I listen to the more strikes and spares cd, every night at bed time and it also seems to help me sleep.  Both of the CD's have helped in all aspects of my bowling, they are very relaxing and help to build my confidence.
Gordon Sim, Hood River OR