bowling balls

bowling hypnotist Chris Cady will help you with your mental game
Bowling Balls.

How to pick a new bowling ball.

If you came here looking for information on bowling balls.
My question to you is


Why do you feel you need a new bowling ball?

Every year bowling ball companies release a new balls which basically do the exact same thing.

I mean really? How much different can a bowling ball be?

Once you have a few balls that work for you. You are basically set.

So if you are looking to improve your bowling by replacing your ball. You may actually not be fixing the right thing.

What you might actually need is:

1) More mental practice. After all bowling is 90% mental.

2)  Better physical practice

3) A different bowling coach (mental and physical)

4) A different approach to the game.

Before spending money on a new bowling ball that may be the exact same ball with a different  name and color. Try working on your mental game and see if you get the results in your bowling that you wanted.

Chris Cady is a Sports Hypnotherapist in Reno who works with bowlers
on their mental game
He can be contacted at 775-425-5847
his office is 5 minutes from the National Bowling Stadium.
He also performs in a show that bowlers love.