Bowlers Going To Tahoe

usbc open bowling tournament in Reno Nevada
USBC Tournament Bowlers When You are in Reno
you truly owe it to yourself to add at least one day to your trip and go visit  LAKE TAHOE

Here is why:

It is so beautiful it will  relax your mind and put you in THE ZONE!

Just trust me on this and take at least one day to experience beautiful Lake Tahoe

Its close by and its amazing. The North Shore of Lake Tahoe ( creatively known as North Lake Tahoe) is a 45 minute drive from Reno.

Just drive up the Mount Rose High Way and you will get there.

The South Shore of Lake Tahoe (creatively  known as South Lake Tahoe) is about 60-90 minutes away.
Stateline Nevada is where Harrah's Tahoe, Harvey's, Hard Rock Hotel ( the former The Horizon Hotel, and Mont Bleu Hotel Casinos are.

There is plenty of information about Lake Tahoe online so I don't need to post it here.

Just trust me. IT IS WORTH THE TRIP!

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