Before you go to a bowling tournament

The 2021 USBC  Bowling Championships
in The Beautiful National Bowling Stadium.
right in the heart of downtown Reno Nevada

Before you come to the USBC Bowling Tournament in Reno
or to any bowling tournament

Here is what you need to do to prepare

Practice your physical game

Practice your mental game using visualization, hypnosis and more...

Pack everything

Plan for freak weather

Practice your mental game.

Budget your gambling money so you don't have to hawk your bowling gear.

Practice your mental game.

Practice your mental bowling game.,,, some more.

Ask yourself

Why is it that so many really good bowlers fall apart under tournament conditions?

its because they do not practice the mental game.

And so they get into the  GIANT grandiose National Bowling Stadium in Reno and they become overwhelmed by the place and the top level players bowling right next to them and they  CHOKE!

This is why serious bowlers spend a lot of time also working on their mental game,  and strengthening their focus, confidence, visualization, muscle memory etc.

Hypnosis can help you. Here is a site that is JUST FOR BOWLERS

And you will learn more about what every serious bowler should do before they go to a bowling tournament.

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